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Hey everyone,

My name is Molly and I'm doing an honors project for my Collective Trauma class on the Hiroshima a-bomb. I've already researched the bombing and written a report on it. Right now I'm working on developing a thesis for a second report that explores how Hiroshima memorialized the incident.

I've found a lot of official (like the official Hiroshima page) and tourist sources on the memorial but I'm looking for something that goes deeper. I'd be very interested to know if there were any Hiroshima citizens who opposed the message of the memorial or who wanted the memorial to be different. Really, I want to know the politics behind the memorial and if that message has changed at all in generations today.

I was wondering if any of you had any sources that I could use. I'm mostly looking for printed sources instead of web sources because I have a limit to the amount of web sources I can use. Still, I'd be grateful for anything because I've been struggling to find useable information.

So far I've read the Hiroshima Maidens, Hiroshima (John Hersey), and Shockwave by Walker. None of them have really focused on the memorial but instead of the bombing and politics behind the dropping of the bomb.

It'd be great if any of you know of a citizen of Hiroshima I could contact about this. Not necessarily a victim of the bomb since there are very few left. But I'd absolutely love to get a citizen's point of view on the memorial.

It's a lot to ask, I know, but I'm struggling immensely with this project. Thank you. :)
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Gaijin seeks halp

Hey all...

Well, upon booking my flight and getting my passport renewed, I joined this community and started looking around online at different Japan-related website for some tips on my upcoming visit... but... man, I'm still a bit at a loss, for a few reasons.

I'm going to be spending 9 days in Tokyo-- actually DURING Golden Week, which I hear conflicting things about-- as in, "omg the city will be deserted" and "omg it's NUTS and BUSY". My boyfriend and I are artists, and he has an art gig in Odaiba for some friends of his out there, and will be busy about 4 or 5 of the days I'll be there, most likely leaving me to my own devices (although one of our hosts may appoint an employee to taxi me around; I have no clue). Which is fine! I love just walking for hours and taking things in.

But I'm not accustomed to being a virtual alien so it's a bit daunting! I've got curiosities about a few things, specifically-- like day trips from Tokyo. With such a short stay and a paid hotel in Tokyo, I don't want to go overnight anywhere. But what's within a couple hours on the train or bus? I've heard Mt Fuji is generally a bust? Maybe too cliche? I'm also embarassingly excited about shopping (though I know things are mega expensive) and I was curious about whether there were any -affordable- fashion stores? Or any tech stores that aren't horrendously expensive? Can I find energy drinks in vending machines there to combat jet lag? Plenty of Starbucks? Dress codes for temples? Temples to check out?

Man, anything! If y'all don't mind, I'd love to get some info. All I know for SURE that I'm doing is the Ghibli Studios museum and the fish market. My boyfriend will be at Venus Fort, so I'll be wandering that for awhile.

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Ok so A friend and I are planning on going to Tokyo for the month of August and have a few money related questions. Im not overly worried about things to do as the meaning for this trip to see a few of my fave jrock bands live and most of that is already figured out.

Whats not figured out is where Ill be staying. Ive heard there are places that only charge about $500 a month...less if Im sharing a room. Has anyone heard of a place like that? Websites? How much money would you bring with you to live off of for one month? Whats the public transportation like?

I live in Australia- so anyone from Aus that has been to Japan would be a nice contact to have. Not even sure how much the plane ticket will cost....Ive seen abunch of very different figures...

and...any good communities about traveling to Japan you know of?

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dual citizenship

Hi, I'm new here. I have some questions.

I am an American teenager born in Japan, to American parents. I went to first and (some of) second grade in Japan, and then returned to the States. What if any kind of opportunities are there for dual citizenship for me? Can I gain dual citizenship before I turn eighteen if I am domiciled there for some time? Can someone give me details on their citizenship laws in accordance with those in the US? Thank you!
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japanese postal service?!

okay. im gonna have to mail a package home, to america. it's not that much stuff and i figure it will fit in a bubble wrap envelope or a small box. im a bit scared about going to the post office though! does anyone know much about the japanese postal system? do they prohibit sending certain items in the mail (besides the obvious like...um...weapons, food, etc) any special words that might come in handy while i'm up there making an ass out of myself with my jouzu ja nai nihongo skillz? or anything else that any post office going gaijin should know? thanks for any help :P
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Is there a way to print out the lyrics from uta-net.com? It won't let me highlight the lyrics, so that I may copy and paste it into a text document.

I was able to print the lyrics, but some of them I cannot read.. If someone has time to go to the website and write the pronounciation for them here, I would be very happy!!(I would just copy and paste it here, but the text won't highlight. I also made it into a .jpg file, but the text was too blurry to read- it literally looked like gray blobs.)


If you cannot access the website and you haven't signed up with Uta-net, you can use this username that I just made:
Username- japanljcommunity
Password- ichinisan

New question!!
I am sending a birthday present to my host sister in Japan, who is turning 11 in a few weeks. I wasn't very close with her, so what is something that most people would write on a birthday card? I was thinking that I could just write "otanjoubi omedetou" or "5nensei omedetou"(unless the new school year hasn't already started..) and something to the family, but if there is something that everyone puts on birthday cards, please let me know!
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Anyone use a JR Rail Pass for the Shinkansen before?

I have a question concerning using the JR Rail Pass - my parents have each bought one and they will be using it when they come to Japan (I am currently living in Japan).

They are arriving in Tokyo on the 24th and we will be heading to Kyoto on the 26th. We want to use the Rail Pass for the shinkansen to Kyoto. I wanted to reserve seats to make sure we can get there but it says that if you want to use the Rail Pass you have to show it as you reserve tickets. (seen here:http://www.japanrailpass.net/eng/en007.html)
Does this mean I have to wait until they get here (24th) to reserve tickets for the 26th? I'm afraid the trains will fill up by then. Has anyone done this? Any advice? Thanks!