JESSICA (muteness) wrote in japan,

youth hostel question

just to be safe, my friend and I are looking around for youth hostels in Japan. (in case we suddenly need an emergency stay) I hear they are very cheap to stay in a night (around 3,000 yen) and are clean.)

the question is - is this true? Does anyone have any experience with Youth Hostels in Japan and if they are reliable?

thankyou so much :)
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We stayed in a youth hostel in Nagoya and had a pretty nice experience. There was a curfew so we couldn't stay out late. You don't have your own bathroom so there's the interesting experience of public bathing, but everything looks and smells clean and the staff was courteous. And yes, it was very inexpensive.

We also stayed in what was something like a hostel-hotel hybrid in Tokyo (the Sakura Inn) and even after we checked out and wanted to stay in Tokyo, the staff kept our bags in a safekeeping area for us. Overall, both were pretty good experiences.
Some hostles in Japan also offer tours and outings. If you check the hostling international site out ( ) they have some really good info on the hostles. Hope it helps you ^^ Have fun!
I've had good experiences with hostels in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Kanazawa. This site has lots of listings (and ratings, which can be even more important).
i've stayed at khaosan hostel in tokyo in asakusa a few times and it is 2000yen a night and clean. no curfew.
I stayed in a beautifl ryokan for 3000 yen a night but its closed down T_T good luck!
there's a youth hostel I'd recommend in Tokyo called Tokyo Backpackers. It's very clean and new and CHEAP. 2100yen a night. No curfew but they did have a daytime lockout between something like 10am and 4pm, I think.

Only problem other than lockout was location, it was far from the city center which wasn't good for me, but if you are sightseeing around Asakusa, it could be good.