dragonmaster_x (dragonmaster_x) wrote in japan,

Earthquakes in Japan

Too often, I see messages in my anime:
Report: Earthquake happened in Osaka at 12:00! Level 3 Earthquake! Etc., etc.

Are the earthquakes so bad that I have to see these reports in Japanese cartoons so often?
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Not bad, just frequent. They report them when they happen...which is often. I live in CA now and I miss the monthly (at least) tremors in Kantou...ah well...
Oh, they crack me up. It happens so frequently and they just report it as it happens. Japan being a relatively safe country where virtually nothing dangerous happens, earthquakes get more coverage. Level 3 Earthquake (Shindo 3) isn't anything to worry about either and I wonder why TV stations still report on them -- I guess it's to alert that the earthquake that people have just felt wasn't part of "a big one." If you want to know what they're scale is like, here's a link.

It's automated, if you're talking about the stuff that comes on the screen. The human discussion afterward, if you get it, is separate.

Japan is on the boundary of two tutonic plates... I believe that's what they're called. Anyway, they're always shifting and rubbing against one another and that's why the earthquakes are so frequent there.
tectonic plates ^^
I read somewhere recently that Iran has one earthquake a day... and my sensei said Tokyo has like an earthquake a week (though most are really really minor) so doesn't surprise me any either.
Did someone grab it off the actual TV broadcast? 'Cos if so, the stuff that appears on the screen is automatic. Any earthquake triggers it without there needing to be a newscaster.

If you're, uh... getting these off the internet, or renting from the sort of supermarket I rent from, I'd assume that's what it is. The videos at the supermarket have all the random break-in from whatever happens on the broadcast, it's some guy grabbing TV in a room. :)

yea, from the internet of course.
For a list of 'measurable' (magnitude >= 3.5) earthquakes this month in and around Japan see http://argent.geo.bosai.go.jp/freesia/event/hypo/joho.html

Looking at prior months will give you some idea of how frequently we get tremors...