this is a raid (__copernicus) wrote in japan,
this is a raid


Ok so A friend and I are planning on going to Tokyo for the month of August and have a few money related questions. Im not overly worried about things to do as the meaning for this trip to see a few of my fave jrock bands live and most of that is already figured out.

Whats not figured out is where Ill be staying. Ive heard there are places that only charge about $500 a month...less if Im sharing a room. Has anyone heard of a place like that? Websites? How much money would you bring with you to live off of for one month? Whats the public transportation like?

I live in Australia- so anyone from Aus that has been to Japan would be a nice contact to have. Not even sure how much the plane ticket will cost....Ive seen abunch of very different figures...

and...any good communities about traveling to Japan you know of?

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