April 13th, 2006

Another post

Ok so I am planning on going to Japan sometime during summer break and I was wondering if anyone knew of any places or websites where I could find someplace to stay? Does Japan have hotels like we do where you pay to stay for months at a time rather than a day? Anything like that would be greatly appreciated. Doesn't matter which city. Preferably somewhere in Tokyo though.

Also, I looked over someones post from earlier in the community and got a couple of links to some hostel websites. But the thing is I was trying to stay for like...a month. I don't really think you can get the full effect in just a week or two. A month either for that matter but at least I can tell if I'll want to live there right after I graduate. (Musical Theatre & Japanese double major ^_^) Anyways...are there any hostels in which you can stay for more than 8 days?

Thanks in advance!
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