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A historical issue.

Hello everyone,

I hope someone can help me with this.

I am writing a report about women's education (early Meiji) and have come across contradictory information concerning compulsory education.

1872 the compulsory education was introduced and most of the books I've read said elementary education was immediately set for four years. However, Elise K. Tipton mentions in Modern Japan: A social and political history. that it wasn't extented to four years until 1886. So. I'm having one author saying this and a couple of others claiming otherwise. The problem is that I consider Tipton a very good historian; furthermore, her book should be more up-to-date than the other books I worked through, which were, on the other side, about education itself.

So - does anyone of you know which statement is correct? Or could it possibly be a matter of perception...?

Thank you!

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Need help on a project if anyone is willing...

Sorry to bother anyone. I am in a women studies class and picked a topic that turned out to be more difficult than I expected... I need to collect stories of people (the teacher would prefer women but I'd like to hear guys experiences too) visiting shrines and parks in Japan. I'd really like to hear any interesting stories about people who have visited Heiwa Koen in Gotemba (near Mt. Fuji)...

I appreciate it!

Another post

Ok so I am planning on going to Japan sometime during summer break and I was wondering if anyone knew of any places or websites where I could find someplace to stay? Does Japan have hotels like we do where you pay to stay for months at a time rather than a day? Anything like that would be greatly appreciated. Doesn't matter which city. Preferably somewhere in Tokyo though.

Also, I looked over someones post from earlier in the community and got a couple of links to some hostel websites. But the thing is I was trying to stay for like...a month. I don't really think you can get the full effect in just a week or two. A month either for that matter but at least I can tell if I'll want to live there right after I graduate. (Musical Theatre & Japanese double major ^_^) Anyways...are there any hostels in which you can stay for more than 8 days?

Thanks in advance!
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youth hostel question

just to be safe, my friend and I are looking around for youth hostels in Japan. (in case we suddenly need an emergency stay) I hear they are very cheap to stay in a night (around 3,000 yen) and are clean.)

the question is - is this true? Does anyone have any experience with Youth Hostels in Japan and if they are reliable?

thankyou so much :)
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here we go again!

I am going to be in and around Tokyo, Japan from April 25th threw May 4th.. i know this is during the Golden Week.. i know i am ignorant but does anyone know if that means things are closed, for holidays or not??
if anyone can suggest things i must do, or most importantly cool clubs/parties to do while we are out there. This is our second trip out there, this time no tour.. staying at a guest house in Ueno.. If anyone is around to hang out, get in touch!
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(no subject)

I am planning a trip to Tokyo this July(17-31ish) and i was wondering if i could have some questions answered. I was hoping to catch a live show while i was there. However, where to go from now, i don't know. I'm kind of out of the loop anymore as to what indie bands are any suggestions of who to see? Also if anyone knows the names of some popular live houses, and how to get tickets please tell.

Also i was wondering what type of museums are around tokyo? any good ones that you would recommomend?

Thanks a bunch!!!
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