♡~Mary~♡ (sailorlimabean) wrote in japan,

Need help on a project if anyone is willing...

Sorry to bother anyone. I am in a women studies class and picked a topic that turned out to be more difficult than I expected... I need to collect stories of people (the teacher would prefer women but I'd like to hear guys experiences too) visiting shrines and parks in Japan. I'd really like to hear any interesting stories about people who have visited Heiwa Koen in Gotemba (near Mt. Fuji)...

I appreciate it!
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hmm I visited tons of shrines and temples while in Japan but I don't know about interesting stories to go along with them... :/

I didn't go to any parks...

there was one in shinjuku right smack between two massive office blocks.. really surreal but beautiful. All the temples in Kyoto were awesome.. and we saw the harry potter tripple decker bus drive past the harujuku temple while we were there ^__^

what sort of stories did you want?
I awm just suppose to gather stories of people feeling things when visit Japanese parks, shrines, or temples. Any stories about why something was surreal or anything signifigant happening.
at the temple in harujuku there was a traditional Japanese wedding with full geisha attire going on.. I think I have a picture somewhere..
What did you think seeing the wedding? Do you mind if I use your story in my paper? What would you like me to call you?
it was really special seeing it because it was really being made a big deal of.. loads of tourists taking pictures, all the family were there dressed up, and the bride was being tended to by loads of make up people and dressers, then they did a full presesion of the temple grounds, with a priest walking in front. I felt like Iwas intruding a little because I didnt understand too much. But then I realised that it was a public temple in a huge tourist spot. I couldnt get any pictures without tourists in which spoilt it a bit and I was very aware that I was another tourist with a camera, and look out of place enough as it is in tokyo, without also being in full view of a traditionl wedding. yeh sure you can use it, just call me Kate :)

any other questions?
When I was in Japan in July of 2004, it was with a tour. At one point, we visited a shrine (I don't remember which one, or where) while I was menstruating. I didn't feel that I could very well say to a bunch of strangers "I can't go in now, it's that time of the month", so I went in, but I felt really guilty about it, and in fact still do.

Is that the right sort of story? Do you even want foreigners' stories?
Excellent. I awm just suppose to gather stories of people feeling things when visit Japanese parks, shrines, or temples. Do you know what city you were in? Kyoto? Tokyo?
Unfortunately, I honestly can't remember what shrine or where, but since the only shrines I visited were in Tokyo, Kyoto, or Nara, it was one of the above.
May I ask you another question (besides that one...)? Why was it you felt guilty about entering a shrine while menstrating? (I want to avoid speculation...)
Since it's against the beliefs for a woman to enter a shrine while menstruating, I felt like I was first of all breaking an important rule to those who follow Shinto, and also disrespecting their religion. I'm not sure whether that's still a strict taboo or not, but I still felt uncomfortable.
I went to the Heian jingu, Seimei shrine, Nara Temple, Kiyomizudera, and Kinkakuji on a school trip. >_> I'm female, but I'm not sure what it would have to do with a women's studies assignment.