Candace (nekotenshi) wrote in japan,

here we go again!

I am going to be in and around Tokyo, Japan from April 25th threw May 4th.. i know this is during the Golden Week.. i know i am ignorant but does anyone know if that means things are closed, for holidays or not??
if anyone can suggest things i must do, or most importantly cool clubs/parties to do while we are out there. This is our second trip out there, this time no tour.. staying at a guest house in Ueno.. If anyone is around to hang out, get in touch!
~Candi kaboom
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Hey! I'm going to be there April 25 through the 5th myself. Still have no idea where I'll be staying... my boyfriend's colleagues live near Asakusa, so maybe there? I was wondering the same thing-- what'll be open, what won't be... I may be around to hang out (who knows what our hosts will throw at us), and I don't suck immensely. But I'm not big on having someone dose me with roofies and sell me into the sex trade, so watch out.