Carolina Mantooth (ranai) wrote in japan,
Carolina Mantooth

Gaijin seeks halp

Hey all...

Well, upon booking my flight and getting my passport renewed, I joined this community and started looking around online at different Japan-related website for some tips on my upcoming visit... but... man, I'm still a bit at a loss, for a few reasons.

I'm going to be spending 9 days in Tokyo-- actually DURING Golden Week, which I hear conflicting things about-- as in, "omg the city will be deserted" and "omg it's NUTS and BUSY". My boyfriend and I are artists, and he has an art gig in Odaiba for some friends of his out there, and will be busy about 4 or 5 of the days I'll be there, most likely leaving me to my own devices (although one of our hosts may appoint an employee to taxi me around; I have no clue). Which is fine! I love just walking for hours and taking things in.

But I'm not accustomed to being a virtual alien so it's a bit daunting! I've got curiosities about a few things, specifically-- like day trips from Tokyo. With such a short stay and a paid hotel in Tokyo, I don't want to go overnight anywhere. But what's within a couple hours on the train or bus? I've heard Mt Fuji is generally a bust? Maybe too cliche? I'm also embarassingly excited about shopping (though I know things are mega expensive) and I was curious about whether there were any -affordable- fashion stores? Or any tech stores that aren't horrendously expensive? Can I find energy drinks in vending machines there to combat jet lag? Plenty of Starbucks? Dress codes for temples? Temples to check out?

Man, anything! If y'all don't mind, I'd love to get some info. All I know for SURE that I'm doing is the Ghibli Studios museum and the fish market. My boyfriend will be at Venus Fort, so I'll be wandering that for awhile.

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