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Is there a way to print out the lyrics from It won't let me highlight the lyrics, so that I may copy and paste it into a text document.

I was able to print the lyrics, but some of them I cannot read.. If someone has time to go to the website and write the pronounciation for them here, I would be very happy!!(I would just copy and paste it here, but the text won't highlight. I also made it into a .jpg file, but the text was too blurry to read- it literally looked like gray blobs.)歌手名&MA_text1_de=def%20tech&MA_select_kasio=で始まる&narabejun=1

If you cannot access the website and you haven't signed up with Uta-net, you can use this username that I just made:
Username- japanljcommunity
Password- ichinisan

New question!!
I am sending a birthday present to my host sister in Japan, who is turning 11 in a few weeks. I wasn't very close with her, so what is something that most people would write on a birthday card? I was thinking that I could just write "otanjoubi omedetou" or "5nensei omedetou"(unless the new school year hasn't already started..) and something to the family, but if there is something that everyone puts on birthday cards, please let me know!
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Are you sure you can't highlight it? I've never had a problem with highlighting and pressing ctrl+C, but if they've changed recently, you could always just take a screencap of the page and print it that way?
Just view source and then highlight from the view source page.
Kanji don't show up properly(like Yahoo! Us...)
Hm. I can see normal text when I view source, but then also I have no problem just highlighting the text on the page either (it lets me left-mouse, just not right-mouse).

I have Windows XP with the default language Japanese, and Japanese region Mozilla Firefox, if it matters... you might be able to do it from another computer? Or change a setting somewhere?

Still the idea they don't WANT you to print, annoys.

I have JP text installe, butI don't have Firefox, and I don't want to download it(I'm lazy and this isn't my computer; my sister thinks that anything I download will destroy her computer) so I ended up just copying it onto a paper and listening to the song twenty times to hear the words. The words I cannot get I'll just ask my Japanese teacher.