scorchy (scorchy96) wrote in japan,

information about Kabuki theater

I've recently developed an interest in Kabuki theater and was wondering if anybody could recommend some reasonably priced* books about the history of Kabuki theater (past to present), particularly the onnagata aspect of Kabuki. The second thing would be a website recommendation - I know there are plenty of resources out there, I was just wondering what people's personal favorites were so I could check them out. Japanese sites are OK too, though I probably won't be literate enough to understand most of the information on them.

The last thing is that I'll be in Tokyo for two weeks this July and would like to attend a Kabuki performance to see what they're like. I understand that Kabuki shows can be 5+ hours long and very expensive, so I was wondering if most Kabuki houses sell cheap tickets on the day of the performance for seats far from the stage? The other thing, is that my traveling companions might not be too interested in the performance, so would it be rude to leave during an intermission and not come back?

* $25 or less, I can't use ebay either, so I, sadly, can't get dirt cheap copies there.
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